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GNC’s 9 Exclusive Probiotic Formulas – Protecting You at Every Moment

June 17, 2024

The gut plays a vital role at different stages of life. Starting from infancy, probiotics colonize the gut to establish an immune barrier. During childhood, a diverse gut microbiome aids in nutrient absorption, supporting growth. In adulthood, the balance of beneficial gut bacteria affects intestinal motility, intimate health, bowel regularity, and metabolism.

GNC understands that everyone’s health needs are unique, so the choice of probiotics should cater to different ages and gut health needs. Developed by Cultech Ltd, a renowned UK health supplement institution with 30 years of research experience, GNC’s probiotic series offers 9 exclusive formulas to protect health-conscious individuals like you.

The probiotics come in newly upgraded glass bottle packaging*, using StabilityMax and Triphase technology to maintain probiotic activity. Acid-resistant capsules help ensure probiotics reach the gut intact. Each GNC probiotic guarantees the number of live bacteria until the expiration date.

9 Exclusive Probiotic Formulas for Different Health Needs:

– Pregnancy and Infant Probiotics
– Women’s Intimate Health, Gut Cleansing, and Immune Boosting Probiotics
– Adult Gut Health Probiotics

Pregnancy and Infant Probiotics

From birth to age 3, establishing a healthy gut microbiome is crucial for digestive and immune system development, reducing the risk of skin allergies and gut discomfort. Probiotics for pregnant women and infants, like Probiotic Solutions Prenatal 20B and Baby Probiotic Powder with Colostrum 11B, use Lab4B probiotics formula specifically designed for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and infants. Clinical evidence shows these probiotics reduce the risk of atopic symptoms in infants. Probiotic Solutions Prenatal 20B also helps relieve common digestive discomforts during pregnancy and promote nutrient absorption. The Lab4B probiotic formula has passed clinical tests for pregnant women and newborns, earning multiple international quality certifications for its efficacy and safety.

Women’s Intimate Health, Gut Cleansing, and Immune Boosting Probiotics

Probiotics can improve gut health and provide various other health benefits. Probiotic Solutions Women’s 30B helps balance pH levels and maintain urinary tract health. Probiotic Solutions Immune Support 25B boosts the immune system’s ability to fight infections. Probiotic Solutions with Enzyme 25B enhances digestion, cleanses the gut, and helps with waist and hip slimming. All three products use the Lab4 scientific probiotic formula, recognized by international authorities for its quality and efficacy.

Adult Gut Health Probiotics

As we age, the diversity of gut bacteria decreases, slowing motility and reducing nutrient absorption, leading to fewer bowel movements and more frequent digestive issues. GNC offers high-potency probiotics ranging from 25 billion to 100 billion CFU to address various gut health problems. Probiotic Complex 25B tackles initial gut issues. Probiotic Solutions Adults 50 Plus 55B targets gut aging. Probiotic Complex Extra Strength 100B effectively addresses severe gut problems, such as reducing the impact of antibiotics on beneficial gut bacteria.

^ Kalliomäki et al. Lancet. 2001;357(9262):1076-1079
*Glass bottles and acid-resistant capsules are not used for the 125 billion CFU children’s chewable probiotics and the 11 billion CFU anti-allergy infant probiotics with colostrum.