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Anti Aging Gift Set




  • NMN (1 pc)
  • (1) Fermented by advanced technology
  • (2) 99.5% high purity for better absorption
  • (3) Clinically proven* to be rapidly absorbed and converted to NAD+
  • (4) Activates longevity gene and repair damaged DNA
  • (5) Defies aging, regulate body functions and improve memory
  • (6) Made in US with cGMP standard
  • ResVitále™ Resveratrol 500mg (1 pc)
  • (1) Resveratrol is a powerful polyphenol found in the skin, seeds, stem and vine of red wine grapes
  • (2) Contain 500 mg resveratrol per capsule, one serving provides the age-defying benefits of 2,000 glasses of red wine
  • (3)Helps repair age-related cell damage and improve cardiovascular function

Major Ingredient:

NMN (ß-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) / Resveratrol Polyhenol Complex & Quercetin


NMN: Take one capsule once or twice daily. Do not take 3-4 hours before bedtime
ResVitále™ Resveratrol 500mg: Take 1 capsule daily. Can be taken anytime, even on an empty stomach


60 capsules / 30 capsules

Selling Place:

GNC specialty stores and selected counters in Mannings stores