Best Sellers, Heart & Brain, Fish Oil, CoQ-10

Heart Health Gift Set


Supports brain and heart health


  • Triple Strength Fish Oil (2 pcs)
  • (1) High concentration and purity formula of 1,000mg omega-3, which are produced by 5 Purify Manufacturing Processes
  • (2) Strengthens cardiovascular system, improves vision and neurotransmission, enhances memory
  • (3) Supports brain development, activates cognitive function and attentiveness
  • (4) 1 capsule per day
  • (5) Enteric coating resists breakdown of omega-3 before it reaches the small intestine for absorption
  • CoQ- 10 100mg (1 pc)
  • (1) Supports heart vitality, promotes healthy blood circulation and reduces cardiovascular risk
  • (2) A natural antioxidant to protect cardiovascular cell from free radical damages and maintain youthful, elastic blood vessels
  • (3)I mproves energy level and relieves fatigue
  • (4) Boosts immunity
  • (5) Relieves signs of aging and wrinkles on skin.
  • (6) Suitable for people who concern about cardiovascular health.

Major Ingredient:

Omega - 3 Fatty Acid: DHA﹑EPA / Coenyzme Q-10


Triple Strength Fish Oil: Take 1 softgel capsule daily with food
CoQ- 10 100mg: Take 1-4 softgel capsules daily after a meal


60 capsules

Selling Place:

GNC specialty stores and selected counters in Mannings stores