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Supports joint mobility & flexbility


    *Clinically proven to have high potency, intake of 3 months can lessen pain and promote joint flexibility and comfort
  • Every 3 pills contain dosage of 1500 mg Glucosamine and 1200 mg Chondroitin
  • Chondroitin can help reduce pressure in joints, minimize loss of synovial joint fluid and prevent wear and tear
  • MSM provides sulfur for healthy joint cartilage and maintain joint function
  • 40 days dosage suitable for people who are prone to injury and occupational strain

Major Ingredient:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, Sodium, MSM & Hyaluronic Acid


Take 3 caplets daily with meal


120 caplets

Selling Place:

GNC specialty stores and Mannings stores

* Zhu X, et al. J Orthop Surg Res. (2018) 13:170.