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Women’s Ultra Mega


Integrated nutrients for women


  • Timed-release formula, contains 35 types of nutrients, including Dong Quai root powder, royal jelly and bee pollen powder
  • Enhances healthy immune system, skin and anti-aging function
  • 1 capsule per day , 90 days portion

Major Ingredient:

Vitamin A, C, D, E,K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, VitaminB-12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Boron, Silica, Choline, Inositol, Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen Powder, Dong Quai Root Powder, Yarrow Flowers, Garlic, Red Raspberry Leaves


Take 1 capsule daily


90 tablets

Selling Place:

GNC specialty stores and Mannings stores